Remember this post? Probably not, but that's okay.

Anyway, I haven't mentioned it in a while, and for good reason.

I've been maintaining from the start that I wasn't going to get everything painted this year. Heck, I've have been more than lucky to get everything primed. But that list was made before I started on the "Hey, let's repaint the entire basement, both floors and walls" project, and before DS decided that he really, really needed a train table.

But progress has been made. My current "Hall of Shame" lists over 1100 figures (yes, that's 1100, not 110 or something silly like that), of which more than 50% (630 of them, actually) are assembled, trimmed and primed. (Painted, not so many - a mere 52.) Unfortunately, in a few days (curse you GW!), I will be adding something like 250 more figures. . . . so I'll be even farther behind.

Still, a lot of stuff has gotten done this year, even if very little of it actually gets finished. I'd probably devote more time to it if I didn't run, or if I could play the game on a regular basis. Still, it's a nice basement activity, and something I can do while DS is down there playing with his trains or coloring.

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