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OKay, so I haven't written here in more than six months. It's been a busy year, and I might explain later, but right here, right now, I feel the need to say this:

Just a quick vent - but come on, Disney. If you claim that you want Dads involved as well, could you stop with the presumption that the only playgroups are some form of "Mommy & Me"?

I stopped looking for local "Mom Group & gatherings" years ago - when it became obvious that the local "Mom" gatherings were all variants of MOPS, and would not welcome a SAHD. (I do look for "Parent" groups - which do accept SAHDs, though sometimes only grudgingly.)

I know SAHDs are a minority, but cripes, I'm getting tired of being invisible.

I'm really, really, really getting tired of the whole "We welcome Moms and Dads" routine, when it is followed by a constant presumption that only Moms are actually participating. I'm tired of panels and groups and organizations calling themselves "Moms Panel", "[organization] Moms," "Parents Panel" and so forth, claiming that they are open to all, and then being little better than MOPS when it comes to actually listening to, or including, men and fathers. (For those who are not aware, fathers cannot join MOPS - so if the local playgroups are all MOPS-based, SAHDs don't have a playgroup for their kids.)


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