The Apprentice

Or, where do they get these people?

Last night, I was watching the series premier of The Apprentice. (Yes, they can call it a season premier, but since the "cast" changes each season, it really is more of a series, IMO.) Instead of diving the teams into men vs women, Trump decided to divide it into college grads/non-college grads. Intersting twist, and it could make for interesting intergroup dynamics.

But that's not the point of this entry. The grads lost last night (and boy, did they deserve to!), and in the time between losing and the boardroom (where one is "fired"), they showed some of the standard scheming and pre-vote arranging. Anyway, one of the women (I think it was the one who proclaimed "I'm going to show all those male chauvinist pigs that a woman can be smart, successful and beautiful") was almost in tears over the decision on who to throw to the wolves.

C'mon! They've known each other for a week. They're supposed to be competing for a very well-paid, high-stress job in the business world. I wouldn't have any problem throwing some of those people out. Heck, there are people that I have known for years that I would glady stab in the back (metaphorically speaking, honest!) if I were in that position.

If they were having to choose between monetary success and a life-long friend or family member, I could understand the conflict. But this was a total stranger (or nearly so). It wasn't agony over "This makes our team weaker", but more of a "I just don't know what to do."

As a final note - while the grads had a terrible marketing strategy, they really lost because people were tired of waiting in line and walking out. Anyone who has worked in fast food could have told them that you need every available register running during the lunch rush. And why did they put people with no register experience on the registers? Sure, the registers are touch screen, but it does actually take some time to acquire speed and accuracy.


Blogger Kyle said...

I haven't seen last night's episode yet.

One thing that's not depicted on those shows is the conditions the contestants live in. I heard on another talk show that they have no access to media (TV, radio, computer), and there's really nothing to do but sit and stare at each other. I think that's part of why there's some of the behavior you see on those shows. They're strangers who must interact somehow or chew their own feet off in boredom.

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