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I was watching CBS last night, and they did a story on an Ultramarathon. During the course of the story, they repeat the hypothesis that women manage pain better than men. If this is the case, then why do companies like Motrin run ad campaigns with the tagline "For moms who don't fool around with pain," or have ads where the only man present is the unseen announcer? Most advertisements for pain medication are geared toward women - and while women may be the primary shopper of pain medications, I suspect that they are the primary consumers as well.


Blogger Kyle said...

Maybe women consume pain meds more because they're naturally in pain on a regular basis (i.e., during menstruation). A Google search turned up several articles. I haven't looked through them all, but I see some saying that men deal with pain better than women. A couple of them say that studying pain is very difficult because it's so very subjective. Do men and women feel pain differently or report pain differently? Like, ugh, and stuff.

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