Nope, haven't gone away, just haven't felt much like posting. I've been a little burned out lately, with a lot of things taking up my time. As a result, I've just let this slide (as well as some other things). It looks like things are finally clearing up some, and I might begin posting on a regular basis again.

I've got several entries that are started, but I haven't done enough to even post the snippets yet - you'd get to read sentence fragments and random phrases. I realize that many blogs are written in that manner, but I have endeavored thus far to avoid it, and will continue to do so in the future. Maybe it makes me pretentious, maybe it means I have a respect for the English language. You can make that decision.


Blogger Kyle said...

Sometimes I wonder if my "one post per day" rule causes me to post crap I wouldn't put my name on otherwise. Maybe it's better to write better and less, right? So far, I've figured that I need not be Shakespeare every time, and if today's post is sub-par, there's always tomorrow's.

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