My wife is the greatest. . .

Today is my birthday. For various and sundry reasons, it's not a day I celebrate - I just don't see much point of making a big deal about what is, in essence, a rather arbitrary marker. Anyway, my wife left very early this morning on a business trip, so I figured that she would simply leave a card or we'd do something to celebrate when she got back.

Instead, she sent a friend out to search for a movie and some candy. This friend also got a couple random Star Wars related party favors, and dropped everything off this afternoon, saying "Happy birthday! Your wife wanted to surprise you."

Oh, by the way - Kyle, happy birthday, one day early.


Blogger Kyle said...

Thanks, and a Happy Birthday to you too! I have no idea how this date escaped gaping maw of my Palm Pilot calendar. I still have birthdays in there for people I worked with five years ago. Enjoy the movie!

11:30 AM  

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