Because I felt like it.

I'll admit, after I watched his speech in 2004, I looked at Barack Obama and thought "If he holds off until 2012 or 2016, he's going to be unstoppable." A b it more seasoning, some more experience, maybe even time as Illinois governor, and he'd obliterate anyone the Republicans could put out.

But right now, listening to his speeches reminds me of candyfloss and fluff. There are a lot of pretty words, but when I hear "I am going to reduce taxes for 95% of the working families," something in my brain goes poing, and I wonder how that can be done without reducing services. I know politicians lie, but I'm not seeing anything to make me fall (at the moment) for the hopeychangefulness of the Obama-Biden ticket.

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Blogger Kyle said...

The short answer is that the 5% who will see higher taxes under Obama (people who make over $250,000 or so) will bring in more revenue than is lost by lowering taxes on everyone else.

There's a chart and stuff 'round about here. McCain lowers taxes on everyone, but the tax break for the rich is bigger than it is for the poor. If you ask him how he'll pay for that, he says some stuff that doesn't really add up (though I forget the details).

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