Oh the weather outside is frightful

And not just from the snow.

Tonight, I had the somewhat dubious joy of driving from Michigan into Chicago. I don't mind Chicago traffic in general - drivers tend to be more skilled than those in Omaha or Battle Creek, and drive faster.

Normally, faster is good. It's when the snow is falling that it becomes a problem. When the snow is coming down, and sections of the road are not visible, then, in general, you probably shouldn't be trying to drive 70 m.p.h. Unfortunately, a lot of people assume that, since they have a four-wheel drive vehicle, little hazards like snow and ice no longer apply. Nice theory, but Newton cannot be denied.

This is why, along the stretch of the tri-state tollway, I saw a totalled SUV, one spun out along the median, and a couple trucks on the side of the road. Oddly enough, I didn't see any of the small cars on the side of the road.


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