Several months ago, I agreed to trim and prime some miniatures for Reaper Games. In exchange, I get some amount of free product, and the warm fuzzy feeling that comes from helping a game company that I really like.

I was expecting maybe one hundred, possibly as many as one hundred fifty figures. It sounds like a lot, but trimming the flash from a miniature is something I can do during commercial breaks, or during Kevin's naptime. And priming takes almost no time at all - even that many figures should only take 20 minutes with a good spray primer.

Imagine my suprise when UPS drops off a 30 pound package at my door. Now, to put this in perspective, a big bag of potatoes weighs a bit more than 10 pounds. Pick up three of them, and you're about there.

It wasn't one hundred miniatures. It was three hundred and fifty. Much more than I expected.

They were dropped on my doorstep at the very end of Feubrary. I finished priming them all earlier this afternoon.

I haven't worked on them every day. I've taken days off, weekends off, you name it. But they're done, and well before the deadline, though not quite as early as I had initially hoped. Maybe I should have taken less time off.

As a reward, I went out and bought more miniatures. At least this time, I get to keep all that hard work. Of course, I also need to paint them, too. . . .


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