Knee injury #1

I suppose I should start keeping track of these. I've ipcked up my first injury of the year, though it wasn't all that serious. Last week, after making some adjustments to the brakes and derailers of my bicycle, I tried running it through its paces. At some point, I managed to screw up my knee.

Now, for those who have never had any knee injury, there are two main things to keep in mind. One, you can strain your knee while running, biking, etc, and not realize it until later. Say, when you're walking up some stairs, and there's a very painful twinge that casually informs you that you're about to learn how gravity works. Second, they take forever to heal - after all, you put weight on them every time you stand or walk, let alone crawling around playing with a toddler.

It's mostly healed - well enough that I went running again yesterday. My pace sucked, by I did manage to go about 5.5 miles. If I hadn't screwed it up, I probably would be doing 7 or 8. Oh well - I still have plenty of time to train, especially since I am only concerned with completing the half-marathon, not with winning it (or even running competitively).

The race is long, but in the end, it's only with myself.


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