Bailing on Detroit

Well, for the time being, anyway. For various and sundry reasons, I have decided to do only one marathon this year (and, as I noted previously, it probably won't be a BQ, though I still have confidence in a strong PR performance), and since I hadn't registered for Detroit anyway, it wasn't a hard decision.

But I am already planning for next year. So far, the tentative schedule is as follows:

January - WDW Marathon (technically, the Goofy challenge), which takes care of Florida.

April - Boston Marathon. Okay, I can dream, right? Actually, I might do the Country Music Marathon, which would take care of Tennessee.

June - Sunburst Marathon, which takes care of Indiana.

September - Air Force Marathon, which takes care of Ohio

October - Detroit Free Press marathon, which takes care of Michigan.

My thought is to try and do 3-5 marathons per year, depending on location and how old the kids are. As they get older, I can do more marathons farther away, but while they are young, I pretty much need to concentrate on the nearby races, which means the midwest. Alaska and Hawaii are probably going to be the final 2 of the group, and they'll be tied to family vacations.


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