Boston denied

Or most likely delayed.

I know I haven't posted in a long time, so this might be going out to an audience of, well, zero. That's okay. This isn't a vanity blog, though it is nice to get comments.

I had a race on Labor Day, a half-marathon tune-up race that I have done twice before. I went into it expecting a slight PR (since it is flat, versus the hills on my last attempt), and I have been trying to do some speedwork over the summer. My worst case was that I would get about my current PR, but it would be an easy effort.

How about barely managing to avoid a PW? I could say that I went out to quick, I could blame a bout of the flu that sidelined me for a couple of low-mileage weeks, I could blame the weather (high 70's at the start, 80-something before the end, and humid as all heck get out), but in the end, I joined all the other people reduced to shambling along in a run/walk zombie deathmarch. It wasn't pretty, unless you mean pretty awful, and it completely blew my confidence for Chicago all to heck.

I'll still do Chicago, I'll aim for a PR, but after Labor Day, that 3:15 BQ seems like a pipe dream, so Boston might have to wait another year or two.

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Blogger Fran said...

I'm still reading. You can't have PR's all the time. Don't let the race get you down. Put it behind you and move on. You never know what'll happen come race day.

10:25 PM  

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