Yeah, I've been gone

And now, I am sick. Chicago is less than a week away, and I am coughing and hacking. Gah. I blame some of it on traveling to see my family two weekends in a row. Don't get me wrong, I love them all, and it was good to see them, but they have a dog, which is basically an allergen-spewing attention hound, who, as so many animals do, gravitates toward whomever is the most allergic in the room. That would be me.

I'm hoping it will clear up soon. As it stands, with the weather for Sunday being on the warm side (almost 60 at the start! ack!), the lack of my desired pace group in my corral, a general lack of sleep, and what I feel to be insufficient training, I'll try for, but do not really anticipate making, a BQ time.

And I'm really feeling down, seeing lots of people (okay, mostly women) who are in good shape for their BQ, which is either a time I have already made, or 15 minutes slower than I anticipate running, even if I still have this cold. I'm happy for them, but the difference between elite men and women isn't 30 minutes, so why such a large time spread for Boston?


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