Ouch. Why don't I ever learn?

I can file that under "Bad Ideas". I just started adding a constant incline to the dreadmill again. It's not much, but a constant .5 or 1.0 degrees means that your entire run is essentially uphill, albeit a very slight one. Adding that incline is meant to simulate the effects of wind, hills, air resistance, and so forth, all of which you would encounter outside, but not in the "comfort" of your gym. I say "comfort" because, in my experience, outside is almost always more pleasant, and faster, than my runs at the gym.

Anyway, it's a bad idea to add an incline at the same time you are trying to increase your cadence. See, my cadence (steps per minute) is actually pretty low. Basically, the faster you take steps, the faster you run (in general). So, I went to a site that has podcasts you can download for free. Each podcast has a certain beat to it (ranging from 130 bpm to 181) and the idea is that you try to run to the beat. So, I've been trying to run at about the 165 to 170 bpm mark, which is an increase from my current cadence, which would be in the 155-160 range.

Anyway, last night, I quit a dreadmill run early because my legs were just heavy and sore - I've got my long run tomorrow, and a moderate workout for today planned, so I'd just as soon save some energy for those.

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