That's a lot of greenskins

I'm starting a thread here to keep me honest and focused - otherwise, this stuff will linger in the basement like a dead woodchuck under a porch. Today, I got my big box of Orky goodness, which contains the following:

2 copies of Assault on Black Reach (each box contains 1 SM captain, 10 tac marines, 5 Terminators, 1 Dread, 1 Ork Warboss, 20 Ork Boyz, 5 Ork Nobz, 3 Deffcoptas. I intend to trade my marines for more Orks)
10 boxes of Ork Boyz (each box contains parts for 10 boyz plus 1 nob, so that's another 110 figs)
1 Warboss.

I also rounded up my big mek, another warboss, 3 bikes, some trashed vehicles I'll be converting, and about 40 old RT-era Orks.

All told, it's an impressive pile of plastic and lead. I'd take a pic before I start, but the camera batteries are recharging, so I might get to work, and fake it using empty boxes later tonight.

My first goal is to have everything (or at least, everything that arrived today) trimmed, assembled and primed before the end of the month. The secondary goal is to have at least 750 pts painted by Nov 1. (And since Orks are something like 6 pts each, that's a lot of them.)


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