It's a good thing my hobbies are a bit limited. . .

I went to a model train store earlier today, because I noticed the "Huge Sale" ad in their window. Now, while I am not into model trains, a lot of the same materials can be used for building terrain for my wargames. So, a sale is always a chance to at least root through the stuff and see if there is anything useful. N and HO scales can both be used, but neither is the right scale for most games, so it keeps me in check.

Some of the stuff was 50-70% off, however. This is a Bad Thing(tm), since it starts the following train of thought:



You know, a lot of this stuff would be great for a 15mm game.

Yes it would.

And, a lot of it is geared for late 1800's.


Don't we have a copy of Johnny Reb, a 15mm American Civil War miniatures game?

Fortunately, at this point, self-preservation kicked in, and I sternly reminded myself that this would entail buying (and, in theory, painting), two or more armies. For a game which I do not know any nearby players, and is not widely played.

I got out of there with only relatively minor damage to my wallet, after waging another inner battle to remind myself that I am not interested in model railroading, and until Kevin is, I do not need to pick up engines, cars, or tracks, no matter how good the deal is.

On the other hand, I suspect that it is an annual sale, meant to clear out inventory. We'll stop back next year.


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