Home improvements, part II

Well, I had a fun weekend. Sunday, I spent the early afternoon mowing the yard (which is much easier than at the previous house, though it takes a little longer), and then started spraying the uber-toxic weed killer on as many weeds as I could. I'm not sure how many will actually die, but there are parts of the lawn where grass is essentially a weed in the dandelion crop. The previous owner had neglected the yard for a couple years, maybe longer. I'm sure they mowed, from time to time, but the lawn has large barren patches and areas of pure weeds that were not obvious when we saw the house in the middle of winter.

Once I was done with that, it was off to the hardware store (after cleaning up, since the weed-killer truly was TOXIC). This time, to buy multiple cans of wasp killer. I'd already used one can, and sprayed a couple small nests, but while searching to make sure I got them all, I kept finding another. And another. And three more. And two more under the ledge. And another. All told, I think I had counted about 15 as of late yesterday afternoon. So, when the sun was setting, I started spraying toxic foam across the sides of the house, foaming nests and always ready to run if something went wrong.

So, early this afternoon, I am making rounds to figure out the best way of knocking down all the nests, and I notice a couple things. One, a part of the roof over the garage seems to be. . . buzzing. I still haven't figured out exactly where that nest is, but it's probably not small. Second, I find another half-dozen nests inside some light fixtures and along a ledge. I spray those, concerned that they're not the last.

Turns out that no, they're not the last. I counted another half-dozen, give or take a couple, and decided that, between the new ones, and the big one in the garage roof, it's time to call in the pros.

The irony is that I actually had filled out a schedule request with a national pest removal chain, and they never called me. If they had done so, I might not have this problem now. And if I hadn't waited so long before taking independent action, I might be finding nests in odd places.

So, the present status is that the little munchkin isn't allowed outside, which upsets him greatly. Standing at the window proclaiming "Uck! Uck!" just isn't as satisfying as waving to them as they go down the street, but until the wasp population drops significantly, he's not playing in our yard.


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