What the heck (part I)

I'm not sure how long this link will work, but it should be good for a couple of weeks. I'll summarize, however:

Luann is a daily comic strip that runs in my paper. A week ago (on the link above) she finds a stray cat and brings it inside. Dad is allergic. Mom knows that Dad is allergic. He's not lethally allergic, he'll just be in a state of constant misery. Daughter Luann now knows that Dad is allergic to cats.

So, given that one household member is allergic to this little stray (no collar), the logical solution is (a) try to find it's owner, quick; (b) take the cat to Animal Control or some shelter; or (c) consider keeping it. Most people would probably choose (a) or (b); apparently Luann's author has a really short attention span (or just doesn't care about Dad all that much), and it looks like the strip is heading in the direction of (c).


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