A basic understanding of evil

No, this is not a political post. Last year, at about this time, I pulled out one of my copies of the Dr. Seuss classic, "How the Grinch Stole Christmas!". (Yes, we have several copies, including the one in Latin.) I read it to my son, just as my father read it to my sisters and I. After a while, you pretty much memorize the whole thing, as I have done with "The Lorax."

I'm not really sure how much of the book Kevin understands. Mostly, he seems to wait for the pages with the trains, or ornaments (he calls them "balls"), and kind of glosses over the parts with the Grinch.

Until the other day. I have a Grinch shirt, which I only wear this time of year. He looked at it. pointed to the Grinch and said "Bad." (Well, "ba", but he means "bad.") I haven't been deviating from the story (except to ask things like "Do you see the train?"), but he seems to have grasped the idea that the Grinch is a Bad Guy at the start. Now, he just needs to figure out that even the Grinch could change.

Until then, it's awfully cute, with him running after me, pointing at my shirt and saying "Ba! Ba! Ba!"


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