My first political post. ..

Sorta. I read a lot of blogs - left, right, both, neither, humorous, analyitical, random. I have ones which I read routinely, and ones which I remember to check in on from time to time. Amongst my surfing today, I came across this on the Daily Kos:

CHEERS to lessons in Management 101. If you own a
pickax-manufacturing company, and your employees ask for an itty bitty
give them their itty bitty raise. Any questions?

Now, if you follow the link, you see a picture of a car with a few pickaxes embedded in it. Some people might call this violence, some might see it as an act of intimidation. Sadly, some people (Markos in particular), seem to see this sort of violent message as being praiseworthy. I doubt that many people, of either political stripe, see it as such.


Blogger Kyle said...

Waste of a fine Audi.

I find Kos to be a little too far out for my taste. I hesitate to compare it to something on the right, but it has the problem of taking a halfway reasonable position and sensationally overstating it until it's halfway ridiculous. Not all of the time, I mean, but too often.

11:34 PM  

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