Happy legs are here again

ORN: Biking, 30 minutes, 10.80 miles; running, 30 minutes, 3.5 miles.

Sure, it was a recumbant bike at the Y. And sure, the run was on a hamster pad. Who cares? No real pain during or after. I felt very good after the run - I had warmed up on the bike at a fairly relaxed pace (HR in the 140s through almost all of it - higher than I like, but not too bad, after almost two weeks of forced inactivity), and then hit the treadmill. I started on the slower end, and did have to pause after 3-4 minutes to stretch out a mild cramp. Nothing serious - just a slight problem adjusting to the different motions after the bike. After losing 20 seconds, I was off again.

I did notice that, when I increase my pace, I don't seem to land as heavily as I had been with my "normal, easy" pace. I'm beginning to suspect that I have been running too slowly, and it's actually been doing me more harm than good. I'm going to have to do some reading, and try some things out, but I'm hoping that it means some improvements are in my future.


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