Frustration (part II)

Okay, this is mainly due to some random web-surfing while the son sleeps. On many sites, you can see a site mater, which is (admittedly) a mediocre way of judging how much traffic a site gets. I recently switched mine, which of course reset it.

Now, this blog is listed with technorati. And, it's listed in a couple of places where, in theory, people may read it. But, technorati doesn't believe that I ever update (and nothing seems to change that), nor do my posts get listed in the "Recent Entries" section of a couple blog listings (where they should be).

So, I have to rely on random traffic (through the "Next blog" button), bad fishing expeditions for phrases on Google or blogsearch, and the couple people that apparently have bookmarked me.

The TLB ecosystem really needs a rating for blogs like mine - I'm below what an "Insignificant Microbe" should be - I'm thinking "RNA Strand" or "Viral Organism" might be more apprpriate. Something not really alive, yet active, and generally misplaced.


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