Evolution in action.

In the Larry Niven/Jerry Pournell novel "Oath of Fealty," one of the recurring phrases is "Think of it as evolution in action." Over time, many people have come to use that when someone suffers the consequences of their own, foolish/stupid actions.

Anyway, today, while filling up the car at a local gas station, I counted no less than four vehicles whose owners thoughtfully left the vehicle running [i]while they were pumping gas.[/i] The station has all the obligatory warnings posted, in nice, six-inch-high letters, and also has numerous signs warning not to use cell phones (despite cell phone fires being considered an urban legend).

Now, another thing to consider was that they were also in the process of filling the underground tanks. So, you have a large tanker truck, full of gasoline, a dozen or so vehicles pumping gasoline, plenty of gas vapor wafting through the air, and some imbecile feels the need to keep his car warm while pumping gas. Never mind that it won't cool down appreciably over that two or three minutes, no his creature comforts are more important than safety.

Unfortunately, the only plate I could read belonged to a Ford Expedition, with the license plate "B Ball 1". So, unknown motorist, thank you for needlessly risking my life, plus those of my family, and everyone around you.


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noticed on your post that you tried to put part of it in italics. The symbol [i]and words in between[/i] won't get italicised (sic) but using the sideways v's like this, and the text insde will. Hope that helps!

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