Training Reset

ORN: 3.25 miles, very easy 9-minute pace, 10 minutes rowing, short weight circuit.

Tonight was, as you can see, a very easy night. After my forced hiatus, I didn't want to put any undue or needless stress on my shins, and so I started back with a very easy workout. And, I am happy to report, that, so far, I am basically pain-free. (Or, rather, what passes for pain free; which is to say that my knee does not hurt any more than normal, and that my shin feels fine.)

Since I was so long out of the loop, I am going to ease back in, alternating days for the first couple of weeks, increasing distances. I'll work on speed once I have the distance back up a bit. I'm glad that today went well - I've signed up for EC Trail Marathon. It's at the same location where I ran my first half last September, and I remember it as being a nice place to run. Plus, it fulfills all my requirements for my longer races: access to childcare (aka grandparents), reasonably close, and far enough out that I can reasonably prepare. I've got a couple of months (about two and a half, actually), so I've paid my money, and started working on training.

I might finish last (though I don't intend to), but I am going to finish.


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