Pearl Izumi ad (and some other stuff)

OKay, I am really late to the party on this. I rarely look closely ad the ads in running mags until I need new shoes or other gear. And, in fact, unless a company stops making my choice in shoes, energy gels, etc, I rarely check out anything other than what I am using unless a problem develops. After all, I figure that if I like my shoes, there is no sense in potentially wasting $90 or so on something that might work when I could buy something that will work.

So I didn't really see the Pearl Izumi ad. Now I have.

I guess I am a jogger. I do almost all of my miles on a dreadmill, and I do like to listen to an mp3 when I am running from time to time. And I have been known to push a jogging stroller along some gentrified pedestrian walkway. (Holy cow - I just realized that Team Hoyt is technically a jogger by their standards!)

Or maybe I am a runner. Every step of a run hurts, always, and I do it anyway. (No, it has nothing to do with shoes, orthotics, pronation, supination, etc - one of my knees is rebuilt, and it hurts just sitting in a chair, or if I am standing or walking.) I took age awards in both of the last 10k I did, and I've set 2 PRs this year. Of course, they aren't fast, by PI standards, so maybe I am a jogger after all.

I am certainly not a loyal customer. Not after that campaign.

Oh yeah - race report from Saturday. I raced in a local 10k last Saturday, the Cereal City Classic. It's basically a flat course, paved trail and road, so I hoped for a good time. I took off too fast (the first mile clicked by at a sub 6:30 pace), but even with a slowing down, I still finished with a PR of 42:49. I took 3rd in my age group, and, even more importantly, when I plugged that time into the McMillan running calculator, it tells me that I might be capable of at 3:20:56 marathon. I'm starting to get close to that 3:15:59 - some more speedwork, and a lot of long slow runs, and I might make it.

On a completely unrelated note - the skunks are back. I got rid of them last year, and have to do it again. I like the bushes around our screened-in back porch, but they provide too much cover for chipmunks and skunks. So, I'll chase the skunks out, rip out the bushes, dig down a couple of feet, put up some chicken wire, add the weedcloth, and replace everything with gravel and hostas. Sounds like a fun weekend project.


Blogger jeff said...

well said, rich. i think there are many folks just like you and i that have taken serious offense at the pi ad.

congratulations on 'jogging' your way to a 3rd place and a pr at the 10k! you're right, you're not far from that 3:15!

11:54 PM  
Blogger Wes said...

You have a rebuilt knee? Holy crap!! You are even more impressive than you were before!! LOL. Yea, that Pearl Izumi ad pissed me off too.

8:42 AM  
Anonymous Amy said...

You are a runner!

9:56 AM  

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