Woohoo! I placed!

(Or, how I love small races.)

Today was the Lakeview Health & Fitness Expo, a new local event that was created as a fund-raising alternative to a candy drive or bake sale. They had a rock wall, a inflatable bouncy thing, the obligatory six or seven chiropractors who always seem to be present at these things, a 1 mile fun run, a 5k and a 10k race.

I decided to go ahead and do the 10k race - after all, my training runs are about 4-5 miles, so a 10k is pretty easy, and it's a good indicator of how fast I currently am. So this morning, I get up, get dressed, and head over for the run. I wasn't really worried about it, and I certainly wasn't planning on placing. It was just a 10k training run, nothing more, nothing less.

The course was described as having "slight elevation changes". I suppose that is true - when the course begins, and within the first couple hundred yards starts climbing a hill. And, the middle of the 10k happened to coincide with the stretch of road that I used for my hill exercises last summer.

Yarite. I finished 9th overall, with a total time of 45:39. I also placed first* in my age group (woohoo!), and even got a little medal for it. Sure, it was a small field, but I did have competition, although I wasn't even close to the rabbits who took first, with 37:56, 38:23 and 39:30. I saw them, early on, but wasn't in any shape to keep up. Still, I could have run a bit harder, and I still finished earlier than my guesstimation time.

* Technically, second, I suppose, but since you are yanked out of your age bracket if you are in the top 3, I am going to claim it. I got the medal for first. :)

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Blogger Wes said...

Congratulations! You are a definite speedster!!

12:40 PM  

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