Looking for some redemption

So, I want to get the bitter taste of that DNF out of my mouth. I'll be honest - that was my first DNF, ever, and if I had not passed by my support crew, and been within 50 yards of where I was staying, I probably would not have quit. But quit I did, and I need to do something to redeem myself, in my eyes if no one else's.

Unfortunately, I really cannot afford to blow the $300 or so that Detroit or Indy will cost me right now. (I'm including hotel and race fees there, plus something for gas and food.) But there is a 5k and a 10k race about 90 miles away in November.

And here's the first fun part. The 5k is at 9 am, and the 10k is at 10 am. So yes, you can sign up for both, and some people do. 15k is no problem - it's not even 10 miles.

And the second fun part is that the course is supposed to be hilly. The 10k is apparently a double loop, so you pass over the same hills twice.

Cold (Michigan in November certainly won't be 85 degrees), hilly and possibly even rain? I think I am in. It sounds like fun.

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