Army projects for 2008

So, over on the Reaper board, there is a thread where people can list what army-sized projects they are hoping to complete in 2008. And, being slightly insane, and very behind in my painting, I posted the following:

Here are my "Pie in the sky" goals for army-level projects, 2008. Right now, everything ranges from "still NIB/NOS" to "partially painted" though sadly most is no better than "assembled/primed" if that.

Tau - I have something like 4k points (3 XV88, 6-7 Devilfish, 3 Hammerheads, about 80 Fire Warriors, 9 or 10 crisis suits, 5 Pirahna, lots of gun drones, etc, etc.)
Imperial Guard - IG Tank Company, Baneblade, plenty of guard on foot (70?), plus heavy weapons, command, Chimeras, Hellhounds, etc
Marines - 2 dreads, 2 Terminus crusaders, about 60 marines, 30 scouts, 3 rhinos, a predator, a razorback, 20 assault marines, lots of termies.
Orks - I've thought about making a small army of these as well.

Lots and lots of CAV. I've lost count, but I have a hundred CAV that need painting, plus the same in infantry & vehicles.
Dwarves, Necropolis, Nefsokar, Crusaders, Reptus -all these armies need to be worked on.

Flames of War
Germans - sort them out, see what I have, and start buying pieces to make them a coherent force. Looking for about a 2k Panzergrenadierkompanie
Soviets - I have almost a full Strelkovy Batalon (which means almost several hundred bases of infantry, plus tanks, guns, assorted light vehicles, etc)

I have fairly substantial amounts for all the factions that need work, ranging from the low of "just the starter box, plus a couple figures" to "hot $%(&$, so that's what 2500 in Cryx looks like."

And that's not even addressing the stuff that I would like to work on, time permitting. Right now, I try not to look at the whole thing, and devote some time every day to assembly, priming, painting, etc. It's not all going to get done, but I want to look back at the end of the year and say "I made significant progress this year."

EDIT - I'm not even including terrain projects. That's a whole additional list of stuff. I'd be working on stuff now, but now while my wife is out and the kids are awake.

As you can see, it's a pretty big list. Since then, I have also added figs for the old SJG game: Ogre. (Especially since it is supposed to be back in print later this month, and they are making figs for it again.) Now, the depressing part is that, so far, my current count of the aforementioned miniatures is 637, of which perhaps half are assembled and primed. It gets worse - my current count is no more than 50% of the above list, and possibly as low as 30%. So, my final tally is certainly in excess of 1000, and might come close to 2000. If I add in terrain projects, it gets even worse.

I can't decide if I run to get away from the backlog of lead, plastic and resin, or if I paint in order to recuperate from running.

On a running note, I have started doing most of my workouts with the Camelbak again. I need to get comfortable with it before the Trailbreaker marathon, so I only have a couple of months for intense hill and speedwork wearing an extra 4 pounds before I run that race.

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