Random gaming thought

I almost woke up everyone in the house when I read this (from KOTD #148, p 22)

Nitro: If this was Hackmaster you'd have a plan by now.

Stevil: If this was Hackmaster we would've burned down the last town and taken their stuff.

Obviously, they've listened in on a couple gaming sessions I have run.


Random running update

I posted this some time back. At the time, I had run every day for two weeks.

Well, that two weeks has now stretched into over 26. I have run every day for the past 180-odd days, and so far, so good. I have run the day after a marathon and an ultra, I have run on Christmas, and I ran at Disneyworld.

I still may be jinxing it, but I might manage to make it a full year, after all.


After a long hiatus (due to life, NaNoWriMo, a crashed computer, holidays and plain old fashioned laziness), I stopped blogging for a long, long time. I never filed a race report for the USAF marathon, never mentioned running with my dad in his first 5k, failed to mention that I ran another 50k (and took almost half an hour off my time), or mentioned a Disney trip.

I'm going to try and pick this up again, honest. Maybe if I stopped caring what I wrote, I'd do it more often. It's not that I worry about offending readers (since I have almost none, if not fewer than that), but that, should I actually find myself in the public sphere someday, something like this is bound to happen:

Reporter: Did you really mean it when you said that everything would be better under your enlightened despotism?

Me: That was a statement made in my youth.

Reporter: You made it last week.

Me: Yes, but I've had a birthday since then.

See? There's just no good answer to some of my random thoughts. Other than incarceration and/or institutionalism.