$%*&$%(* CafeMom site

Dichotomy of the day - "We want men to be more active, involved parents" proclaim the women of CafeMom - who then deny men access to the site. Yay. Another reminder that, as a SAHD, I am neither fish nor fowl nor good red herring.


Magnificent Desolation

Watched "When We Left the Earth" last night. Could have sworn that Gary Sinise claimed that "It's a journey we can't repeat with today's technology." Apparently we've forgotten how to build Saturn V rockets or primitive computers.


Random thought #2

Why is it that the green beans on their plate were horrible, but the green beans on my plate were irresistibly delicious?

Random thought #1

Does the existence of "Thriller" make a zombie Michael Jackson inevitable, or merely more probable?


Yeah, I'm on it. If you really want to friend me, contact me or something. I may not have a high readership, but just in case. . .