Nothing in over a month

And I am almost referring to my running. I managed a couple of runs during this last month, but I spent a lot of time simply trying to expel my lungs from my body. I'm finally getting better, thanks to some intense antibiotics and some wonderful codeine-based elixir, but I probably won't be running for another couple of days.

But, that's not a big deal, since my next race got canceled. Yep, the Trailbreaker Marathon got cancelled, which is kind of a shame. So, I am revisiting my schedule, and considering trying to run the Lake Geneva Marathon about a month before the Sunburst. Lake Geneva is supposed to be tough, and the remarks on MarathonGuide seem to bear it out:

On race day there was not one indication of where the start line was! There was NO spectators. I felt like I was running a neighborhood 5k. The course was nice for the first 5 miles, but out in the middle of nowhere for the rest of the race. NO miles markers anywhere!!! The hills were killer. Over all very disappointed and won't run in again.
I realize I'm a bit touched in the head, but that actually sounds kind of fun. They have a course map available as a .pdf, so I might download it and enter the route onto gmaps pedometer or something, just to judge the hills.


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