Pretty pointless speed workout

Last night, I did an actual, dedicated speed workout. See, at the end of every run, and I mean every run, I always manage a kick, ranging from only 100 yards or so to a full mile of ever-increasing speed. I like to think that it helps me in races, because if nothing else, I am learning how to finish strong regardless of how I feel.

But last night, I decided that I would do an actual speed workout again. The plan was simple - a half mile at a fairly relaxed pace, and then .1 mile at a fast pace (10 mph), then .1 at a recovery pace (about 5.5 mph - still running, but recovering). I managed to do 15 of them, and could have kept going, but I had other things to do, so I called it fine there.

Anyway, I'll do it again, but I think I need to increase the sprint distance to .12, and reduce the jog to .08, and try it again at the same speeds. If it's still too easy, then either the sprint or the recovery is too slow, possibly both. Still, I'm not working on speed too much, but getting faster is always a good goal.

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