My Garmin works outside too!

Sure, it's supposed to, but it's nice to know that it actually does. Last night, in the pleasantly cool (ie, sub 40) darkness, I went for a few laps around the block. Technically, it's loops around our cul-de-sac, but same thing.

In the car, I had previously measured it as 1 lap = .50 miles, and the Garmin confirms that. Actually, it says that each lap is a whopping .52 miles, but I am not going to go and correct my logbook for the extra .3 miles for the year (or whatever it would work out to be). I didn't beat my previous heart rate high of 203, but I hit 199, and the Garmin clocked me at a top speed of 15.0 mph. Holy cow! (Granted, it was on my final sprint to the end, but it's reaffirming to know that I actually do run faster than my treadmill's maximum setting.)



Blogger Michele said...

You won't be able to run without it now.

5:52 PM  

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