Slacking time is over.

Yep, I've been slacking. I could blame being sick, or a pulled muscle, but really, even though both were true (still are, to some extent), I've just been slacking. No races officially on the schedule, and I haven't been feeling like running much lately.

Well, I hadn't, anyway. I just needed some time off, kinda recharge those mental batteries. So, while I haven't registered for it yet (going to in the next couple of days though), I have my next marathon planned.

See this?

Yep. That's a 70-step, 4-story tower that you climb at the halfway mark. It's a trail marathon, too, which means (1) mud; (2) rocks; (3) hills; (4) a lot fewer aid stations. Sounds fun. (Actually, it does. It was ranked by Marathon & Beyond as one of the 25 Toughest Marathons in America.)

It will take care of Wisconsin for me, if I finish it.

So today, I ran 5 miles of hills, all with the Camelbak. And I did some weights, and some rowing. I need to get back in shape, if I am going to run this thing faster than I did at Disney.


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