One of those nights

Or, technically, mornings. The daughter has some sort of stomach flu, the son has been getting up early, like before 6 am. So, last night, she had to be changed at midnight (normally, she gets through the night okay, without any worry of diaper leakage). Get her taken care of, and the son comes out of his room to get a drink and demonstrate his latest potty-related skill. (He's a boy, and fond of waterfalls. You figure it out.) He does this twice in a 20 minute period. Then, about 2 am, he comes to our room, with a nosebleed. My wife helps get him cleaned up, while I change his bed, check all the toys etc for blood, and calm him down. I let her go back to sleep, then stay up with him for the better part of an hour until he falls back to sleep. At 5 am, the daughter wakes up, needing fluids and a new diaper.


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