It's marathon week

The USAF marathon is this Saturday. Yippee skippee. I'm undertrained, overtired, and grumpy. So, basically, it's SNAFU. I have no time goals for this one, really. Just completion.

Okay, I actually do have a goal pace and time and all that, with A, B and C goals. But none of them are BQ times, and, given the paucity of my LSD runs this summer, the C goal really is just completion. But the weather looks favorable, so I might make my B goal. Heck, I'm going to shoot for the A, but I need to be realistic here.

And no, I am not going to tell you what they are. I'll be honest and tell you if I missed them though.

The year is starting to wrap up, race-wise. I just have this marathon, then a 5k on Oct 2 (with my dad - it's going to be his first race ever!), a 50k ultra in November, and possibly a Turkey Trot and/or a Jingle Bell run.

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