Allez cuisine!

Allez cuisine is the traditional cry for Iron Chef, a cult cooking show. Basically, the show has a small stable of "Iron Chefs" who can be challenged by famous (and not-so-famous, but still highly skilled) chefs. Each week, the battle is different, since the theme ingredient (hidden until the start of the show) changes.

Like most cooking shows, it looks erally impressive, and fairly easy. Of course, they're professionals, and most people are a bit lost when they get too far beyond a familiar family recipe or something out of a box. I am no exception - I have tried to cook some of the food that I have seen on shows, and while it was edible, it certainly took me much longer than the recipe indicated. It also made a much bigger mess.

Still, I think it is good to try something beyond our abilities, once in a while. Otherwise, we get too stuck in a routine, and forget how much fun it can be (and, to be sure, how frustrating) to discover something new.

I guess that's why it's so fun to watch Kevin, or any other small child. For them, everything is new - and while they get frustrated, it's still amazing to watch them discover the world arounf them.


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