Writer's block I

It's not a good sign that I sit down to the keyboard tonight, and find that I am experiencing writer's block. This blog is only a week old (give or take), and already with the blockage? Not a good sign.

I'm not sure if I am intimidated by the quality of some of the blogs out there (you know who you are - those of you who write cohesive agruments in complete sentences), or just plain tired. I suspect the latter - it's been a long day, and a fair drive, from where I got up this morning.

We're back home, which is good, since it gives Kevin a chance to crawl around on familiar territory, and see all of his favorite toys. What was not good was the solid mass of snow blocking our driveway - apparently the snow melting product I put out before we left was insufficient to melt the snow - or even make a dent. On the plus side, I did finally get to try out the new snow thrower.

Okay, so I did manage to grind out something tonight. It's not a discussion on genocide, but it is something.


Blogger Kyle said...

I had trouble keeping up the pace early on in my blog. I wanted to average a post per day, but I'd have many days where I didn't have a thing to say, and I'd spend the day fretting over what I'd post until I came up with something.

That stopped as the election approached and I realized that I had a lot to say about it. I'd avoided talking about politics because, I figured, it was all being said somewhere else already.

Now I just write what I want (with fewer limits), I enjoy doing it, and it's easier to take my daily crap in the blogsphere.

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