The subtle joys of parenting

Kevin is sick. Not really, really sick, the kind that requires hospitalization, but sick enough that he has now vomitted on me three or four times today. Plus, he's gotten his carseat, the floor (tile), a chair, and a goodly amount of clothing. Toss in some diarrhea, and it has not been a pleasant afternoon.

It's not fun cleaning up after it. Tomorrow won't be fun either, since he is not supposed to get more than an ounce or so of fluids at a time during the day. I can increase that if he can keep things down, but I think I'll be a little more cautious on that.

Still, I don't mind doing it (though I do not enjoy it, either). After all, he's sick, and he cannot help himself. It's not as though he set out to make today difficult. He didn't plan on being sick. It just happened.

Lots of things in life just happen. Some good, some bad, some odd. The trick lies in learning how to enjoy life because of, in spite of, and due to all of the above.


Blogger Kyle said...

Sorry to hear that Kevin's not feeling well, and I hope you don't get it. We had the flu run through our house and luckily our daughter got the least of it. Hope he's feeling better soon.

12:03 PM  

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