I hate being sick

As I said in a previous post, Kevin has been sick. He was over the worst of it by Tuesday night, just in time for me to start coming down with it. It's not too bad, as minor illnesses go - it lasts about a day and a half, and then you get over it.

I've never liked being sick. Actually, I don't know anyone who actually enjoys it, but I do know some people who are willing to put up with the minor aches or sore throat, because they can sleep, watch TV, and lounge around in their PJs all day. (Some people call that life college.)

Not me. When I get sick, I sleep. And it's not just sleep, it's a total discontinuity in my existence. My wife came home yesterday afternoon, and I went to bed. And that's mostly what I remember of yesterday. There are snippets here and there, but it's like watching a movie with random scenes cut out of it.

I hate it. My memory is pretty good, and these gaps just disturb me. Bleh.


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