What does $0.28 buy?

About 3 hours of entertainment, so far. Saturday, the three of us went to some garage sales. At one of them, I saw a little red wallet for a quarter. Recently, Kevin has become absolutely fascinated with my wallet, and the myraid contents thereof, to the point of trying to grab it whenever he sees it. Normally, it's in the "out of sight, out of mind" category, but it does make running errands (or, more specifically, paying for errands) considerably tougher.

Darned cute though, especially when he tries to sign the electronic authorization pads.

Anyway, I figured that buying him a wallet for his own would be a good idea, so that's $0.25 of the $0.28. So, what's the other three cents?

Some time ago, we had to buy a new dishwasher, after the magic smoke escaped from our old one. As luck would have it, the price of the dishwasher dropped several weeks later, and, per store policy, we got the difference back in store credit, on one of the snazzy gift cards. That little piece of store credit had been taking up space in my wallet, and I finally decided to get something for it:

Saving Private Ryan
Back to the Future (I, II and III)
New headphones

The total of these three purchases left me with the princely sum of $0.03 on the gift card. I could save it, and apply it toward some future purchase. I could keep the card, and have another $20 put on it. Or, since it's shiny, and kewl, I could give it to Kevin so he had something to put in his wallet, and be just like Dada.

It was money well spent.


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