Disney post #1

As I said in a previous post, I have recently returned from a foray into the Land of the Mouse. I plan on making several posts about it (in a blatant attempt to raise my posting rate), but am only going to discuss a couple things on this one.

First, Epcot has a new ride called "Soarin"(tm). It's not a bad ride - they actually do list you up about 40 feet, and the projection of the film is good enough that there is a fair illusion of actual flight. I did catch the Hidden Mickey, though - it's at a point where a lot of people duck. My only problem with Soarin(tm) was that I lost my pair of sunglasses there. I put them in the ubiquitous compartment under the seat, and forgot about them when the ride ended. Since they weren't marked in any way, my odds of actually finding them in the Lost and Found the next day have been close to 0, and so I just decided to write them off.

Second, I finally figured out why Mission:SPACE has all the warnings. (For those who do not know, this ride cautions you every couple of minutes that people with health problems, expectant mothers, those affected by motion sickness, those effected by simulators, those with problems like claustrophobia, and people in general just plain should not go on this ride. "Get out now. Immediately." pretty much sums up the warnings.) Anyway, I managed to experience mild vertigo during the ride - I have to look all the way to the left or the right, but it actually can manage to make me slightly nauseus. If I look at my control panel (or the one adjacent), I could stay on the ride until I got bored with the whole thing.

It's a fun ride - but I am never going to go through the solo rider line again. From my (limited) experence, solo rider means that you are always going to be filling the last space in the line - in other words, you will always draw the Engineer slot. I realize that the mission is the same every time, and that you cannot fail, but a little variety would be nice. Just once, I'd like to be the pilot, or the commander. Instead, I find myself talking about how "The ship cannae take it, cap'n."


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