Things that make you go "Huh?"

Several weeks ago, I checked out the Complete Book of Running (as well as some other books) from my local library. I'm reading through it, though I admit that I have largely skimmed the
section on "Women & Running". As I was skimming that section, I noticed that there was one chapter on safety. It's a series of Q&A with a cop, who now (well, when the book was written) also does lectures, and the following quote jumped off the page at me:

First of all, remember this: You must never get into a car. When you do, it's over. Ted Bundy picked up his victims in a car. Dahmer used a car; Gacy used a car. They all used cars. . .

Now, this was written several years ago, before the Green River Killer and the BTK killer really made the national news, so obviously they could not be used as examples. But, it still struck me as odd that, in a conversation to warn women, two of the three killers mentioned struck only men.


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