Stronger search-fu yields unhappy result

The title sounds like a fortune cookie, doesn't it? I played around more with finding a club tonight, and finally, lo and behold, managed to find one: http://www.bcroadrunners.org/ Why look. It's a dead link. Nothing, nada, zilch, nope. I did find a club in (fairly) nearby Kalamazoo, but getting there for a 7am run is earlier than I like to wake up on any day but a race day.

See, in order to make a 7am, I have to get up before 6am - more, if I plan on eating before running. I can manage 5 miles or so of semi-decent (for me) effort without the benefit of food, but not much more. Doing any serious mileage requires food first, and quickly after. The after isn't a problem, but I am not liking the idea of waking up at 4:45 in order to eat far enough in advance of the run that it won't make me sick.

(No, it doesn't matter what food I eat - if it's anything solid within 2 hours of gun time, it's not going to sit well. It ranges from "lousy run" to "total cramping", with a sidetrip into Montezuma's Revenge.)

And, it's not looking like the local shoes stores will be much help. There's a Lady Foot Locker, a Kid's Foot Locker, and some Payless, but not much in the way of running stores. Tomorrow, the search continues.

Running - it's a solitary endeavor. And, barring the couple other hardy souls on the treadmills, no one else in BC seems to actually do it.


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