This seems (in)appropriate

During some random surfing today, I wound up at the official Democratic Party website. On the front page, there is a Black History Month image, and a story. The image is clickable, and, silly me, I assumed that clicking on an image of Dr. King would lead me to a story related to Black History. Instead, it leads to an ad campaign called "Broken Promises."

I have no problem with the Democrats running the ad. (FactCheck goes over the ad, but, in all fairness, they also go over the State of the Union speech.) It just seems really inappropriate to, in essence, hijack Black History Month with a non-related partisan attack. Maybe they just didn't change the link, maybe it's intentional. I don't know, but that doesn't stop it from rubbing me the wrong way.

(Related note - the GOP website doesn't mention Black History Month at all, which doesn't exactly please me either. It may be an oversight, it may be intentional - I'll give them the same benefit of a doubt that I give the Dems site.)


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