Holy recovery run, Batman

Today was a recovery run from the various and sundry abuses that I heaped on my body this past weekend. I didn't have much of a plan in mind, and that turned out to be a good thing. Within the first quarter mile on the dreadmill, I could tell that I was still feeling the effects of Saturday's long run. My stride was off, my legs felt heavy and sluggish, and everything felt really stiff. Things weren't getting better after a couple miles, and I tried varying my pace from slow to semi-speedy (for me, so ranging from 10-minute miles to 8 minute miles), and nothing was working.

So, after 2 miles, I stopped and switched over to the bikes. Biking went much better - my legs didn't feel suddenly energized or anything, but they certainly didn't give me the same problems. I biked for another 25 minutes or so (no displays on these bikes, but I probably did somewhere between 8 and 9 miles, with a reasonable resistence), and then headed back to the dreadmill for another try.

I only did a half mile, but I did a fast half mile. My legs felt much, much better than they did at any point during my first attempt, though my stride is still a little off. Things should be closer to normal tomorrow.


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Yowza! I hate it when that happens.

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