Oh yeah, I did some running and stuff too

ORN (Tuesday): Bike workout, 45 minutes, new hill program, new bike. This wasn't the same style of bike that I had been using, and the hill program was definitely not what I expected. The workout was a lot more difficult to get into, and my mind wasn't really on it. I called it after 45 minutes (instead of an hour), and did some weights. I think (actually, I know, that I was stressed over the computer issues, and hadn't slept well the night previous.)

ORN (today): Speedwork, 1.1 mile of warmup (going from moderate walk to slow run - about 10 minutes total), then 2 continuous miles at a sub-7:00 pace. Not much sub-7:00, but it was indeed faster than normal. By contrast to what I was years ago, this is still really slow, but it's a nice improvement from six months ago.

Someone (probably the gal next to me) was wearing a heart monitor, and it kept feeding information to the dreadmill that I was using as well. I know that my heart rate was well in excess of 125 - though I did not check it until I was walking my cool-down. The feed wasn't constant though, so the HR would flicker on and off, which was moderately distracting.

I finished off with some light weights - I'm trying to ensure that I hit different weight machines each day, but still manange to get them all in a couple of times per week. Not sure if it will make any difference in my running, but I figure that it probably won't hurt it any either.


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