The sound I dreaded hearing

ORN: 5 miles, 1 degree, 42:30 or thereabouts.

The real news of the day has nothing to do with running. Today was the day that I heard a sound that I have been anticipating and dreading for several months. Or, more specifically, two sounds, in very close conjunction with each other - a thud, and then a cry.

Yes, Kevin has now figured out how to climb out of his crib. I've been expecting it for quite some time, and, to be honest, was wondering why he hadn't bothered before now. I think he was wanting to get a new diaper (we're starting potty training, and he's finally learned to accept pull-up diapers), and, when I didn't instantly materialize to attend to his needs, decided to go get it himself.

He was okay - more shaken up than anything. He did cut his lip a little, but after a couple minutes of being held and checked out, he was up and grabbing for a new diaper. We have a big-boy bed ready, and it looks like we need to pull it out and assemble it soon.


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