Still not running

Okay, being sick just stinks. Fortunately, it's not a "say goodbye to consciousness and welcome to fever-induced hallucinations" sick, because right now, my wife is on a business trip. So, it's just me and the little one at home. My regular reader(s) know(s) that I am a stya-at-home dad anyway, but, normally, if I am really sick, my wife can come home early and give me a break. Not now - she's down in sunny Florida, and I am in gloomy Michigan.

And, the li'l one is sick too - but, whereas I feel lethargic and stumble through the day, he's careering off the walls and bouncing around. Fortunately, I think we are both better, and unless I am coughing up a lung tomorrow, we are getting out and to the gym for some running.

I need to get some runs in this week, because Saturday needs to be a good, long run. Right now, I have two options - do my long run before climbing into the car for a four-hour drive; or doing my long run after arriving at our destination. Neither sounds better than the other, to be honest - I'll probably decide sometime Thursday or Friday, and it might come down to which has the better route.


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