It's almost race time

ORN: 6.02(ish) miles, 51 minutes, 1 degree.

Treadmill run - the last I will make before the marathon. I'll do a light, short run on Friday, just to keep everything loose, but I won't set foot on the treadmill again until next week; and hopefully, as a marathoner.

I was planning on doing only 4 miles or so at most; my foot had been bugging me earlier this week, and I was prepared to stop entirely and switch to a bike at the first sign of pain. No pain. Nada. Zip. Null. Void. 404 Error. Pain was not found - at least, not in my feet. My knees were a little twingy, but nothing bad or unexpected, really. It's a good sign, actually. Tonight's run was at slightly better than the pace I plan on running (9 minute miles is the plan), but I might be able to run most, if not all, of the race at tonight's pace (8:30 or so). It would be nice - that's a 13-minute(!) difference, so I'm not planning on it or anything.

Regardless of pace, to be perfectly honest, the primary goal is to get across the finish line on Saturday in good form, and free of injury. If I make any sort of time goal, that's gravy.


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